Different Stories

by Anubis

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    The fifth Anubis studio album consists of acoustic reimaginings of music from 230503, A Tower of Silence, Hitchhiking to Byzantium and The Second Hand.

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This album has been recorded to help fund our 2018 European tour.

These new versions are complete reinterpretations of seven popular Anubis tracks, performed mostly on acoustic instruments, some being instruments we’d never normally dream of using. Absent - for the time being - are the electric guitars, the overdriven B3, the pounding drums, the rickenbacker bass, the synthesizers and the ubiquitous mellotron.

‘Technicolour Afterlife’ in it’s original arrangement was to be the eponymous title track of the record eventually released as 230503, our debut. It’s the final page of that particular story which we shelved back in 2005. It’s nice to finally show it the light of day.

We hope you enjoy these different stories.


released May 23, 2018

Robert James Moulding
Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

David Eaton
Piano, Organs, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Laúd, Strings, Melodica, Voice

Dean Bennison
Acoustic Guitars, Slide, Clarinet, Voice

Douglas Skene
Acoustic Guitar and Jazz Guitar, Voice

Anthony Stewart
Bass Guitars, Voice

Steve Eaton
Drums, Percussion, Voice

Special guest:
Martyn Cook - Tenor Sax on 'The Holy Innocent'

Produced by Anubis
Mixed by Dean Bennison
Mastered by Douglas Skene

Album artwork by Tim Neill


all rights reserved



Anubis Sydney, Australia

Anubis is a cinematic Progressive Rock band from Sydney, Australia.

The band has finished six studio albums, '230503' (2009), 'A Tower of Silence' (2011), 'Hitchhiking to Byzantium' (2014), 'The Second Hand' (2017), an acoustic studio album, entitled 'Different Stories' (2018) and the new studio album 'Homeless' -coming in March 2020. ... more

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Track Name: The Passing Bell
In my dreams, it was a different story.
Love, and life and happiness.

Who are you to call me here?
Who are you to see these tears?
When, when I relive my life
When I had my love denied

I lived my life from day to day
With faith beyond the stars
And never had a chance to be -
Be looked at through the scars
Maybe what we pray for
Will never come true
Maybe who we live for
They never shine through

When will I be brought to life
When will I be by your side
You broke me down just like a rose
Through winter chills and harshest snow.

You choose this as my destiny
To witness my misery
Still frozen from my life to be
Between these plains in custody

Your words now mean nothing to me
I’ve lived through my life’s tragedy
Now I'm searching for my meaning
Revenge comes kicking and screaming

Where are those who pulled me down?
Where is he who can't be found?
Where is she who caused me fear?
Who are you to call me here?

I made my wish
To see it all burn
Their fears & screams
await my return
All of my chilling memories
You drag up through the mud
I’ve been looking for my redemption
in yearning for their blood

All my love has gone
There’s nowhere I belong
I’ve felt it all along
Where did I go wrong
I’m feeling all alone now
My soul cannot be found
My heart beat wants to roam
To where I’ll find my home
I’m feeling no connection
To those who caged me here
I’m feeling no protection
From the words that I hear

A flush of fury
Washes over me
I hold no remorse
For my blasphemy
They broke up my home and locked me away
They took my family
Everything you see before you
Is a distant memory

Please hold my hand
Take me to the Promised Land
I don't want to be alone
I want to find my home
I wish I could stand
By your side again
Why can’t I rise?
And look deep in your eyes
And tell you from the start
From the bottom of my heart
I wanted to love you
I wanted to obey you
Pray to you
Bathe in you
But all hope is gone
Track Name: The Deepest Wound
Listen to the voice that speaks
Without idea or thought
I knew that I could hear it
So I've never gotten caught
Paint my face and show my name
Hide reason from you all
I'd played the part so well
that you'd forgotten that I'd fall

Keep me safe and keep me warm
Keep me from losing sight
Keep me from dreaming same old shit
From night, to night to night
I can't think and I can't feel
The way I always was
Hold back the tears and show no fear
Shake and I dissolve

I never had it, I'm bleeding from it,
I never had it, I'm aching for it,
I never had it.
The Deepest Wound.

I never stayed, I never left,
I'm always in your heart.
Another thought, another dream
That's tearing us apart.
I found no gain, the pressure held,
It's breaking at the seams
One on one, we held the sun,
Your laughter turns to screams

You're next to me but far away,
I brought what I had sold
See the noise and taste the smell
It burns when I turn cold
Melt the bricks and drink the fire
Discover my insides
My Insides turn to outsides
when I left it all behind.

I never had it, I'm bleeding from it,
I never had it, I've never lost it,
I never known it. The Deepest Wound.
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Let me show you endless wealth and power
The magnitude of my insolent desire
Ive no time for God
Nowhere above
I've no ties that bind
My true love

Twisted Truths and secrets
Narcosis remains
No remorse or regret
You're helpless again

Now I own you
Consume until it hurts
Your need to be used
This weakness is a curse
Red top fear parade
Scandals and lies
Raising threats again
You'll run and hide tonight

I have no need for self control
Your world is mine
Your World I hold
No need to face the dark of night
I bow to none like a bird in flight

That's me
The world I built beneath my feet
Controls your future while you sleep
Its all distraction and sovereignty
Abusing wealth for eternity

Gag the voice of empathy
Break the man's diversity
Raise a glass to human error
To fear, to panic
To sweet despair
Track Name: Dead Trees
Is it too late to break away?
This is the bed we made.
We stand here in disarray,
A screaming serenade.

Night after night
I could never see the answers in your eyes, that's when I sold my soul again.
Time after time
I could never see the answers in my lies, that's when I sold my soul again.

You push me to jealousy
You're hungry for my pain
I break you down relentlessly
Your passion has been drained

I'm tired and weak and I cannot see
The blackened forest among dead trees. It's scary.
We broke the rules in the games we played,
And wore out the fire to question each day together.
Slowly but surely driving me to the bottle,
I'm drowning in guilt, a failed role model to everyone.

In time we will know whether we can grow apart.

It would be hard for me to go and believe
that by the end we'd be enemies forever.
Giving up now, it's explained to me,
That I don't love you and you don't love me. I'm sorry.
I'm packing my bag and I'm hitting the road,
I'm starting anew with my dreams to sew and prosper.

In time we will know if we can grow apart.
Track Name: Leaving Here Tonight
All that I've known
All that I've felt
Everything I've been through
Everyone I've met
Never, ever knew
What it's really like
To hold in the one hand
Believe in the right

Take my wounds
Patch them up tight
Discover my pain
And cure it tonight
One stolen kiss
That cuts like a knife
Scrambled my feelings
Straightened my life

Time has sent me away
Face to face, don't ever stray.
Don't ever...

You never seem to notice
when I know it's right
I've made my decisions
I'm leaving here tonight
Please stop crying
This river of tears
I have to be with her
And spend my life near her

One more time
Look in my eyes
Melt my soul
And say our goodbyes
Break my fall
Keep me safe
And tell everyone
They won't see me again

I can only make it
When the time is right
There's only one future
And it's looking so bright
GIve me all the riches
That life can bring
Open up to me
And show me everything

The moments tick away
More than most
I'm clearing out my closet
Like some homeless ghost
GIve me all the memories
Of this lonely taste of life
Cure me of this nightmare
Is the end in sight?
Track Name: Hitchhiking to Byzanium
Standing, frozen, lonely, in the dead of night;
But further down the road is something bright;
A place that fuels my need for warmth and light.

Can you pull yourself together,
When there’s no pieces left?
And can you crawl your way towards a home,
Pretending it's your own?

Waiting for the daybreak so we can turn and run,
Awakening new chances when moonlight fades to sun.

As life became too hard for me to explain,
It seemed that I was strong enough to remain,
But I was just too weak to make that change.

On the other side, lie all my hopes;
That cannot be denied.
The promise that will help me re-define,
And leave the doubt behind.

I’ll crawl from east to west,
Forgetting all the promises I kept,
And tell myself that on the other side,
I’ll no longer need to hide.

Waiting for the daybreak so we can turn and run,
Awakening new chances when moonlight fades to sun.
Living life in circles, like a devil's carosel,
The last of my life's chances to find heaven in this hell.

I’ve had to understand that I cannot hide;
I’ve had to torture myself and swallow my pride;
I’ve only got myself to blame as I hitchhike.
Track Name: The Holy Innocent
When I passed away
My soul did not escape
I believed the words I heard
Wanted life to change

I feel alone
There is no use in hiding
I feel, my soul,
You have been misguiding
I dream a dream that has no sound
As I lay still beneath the ground

I am the holy innocent
As love speaks it makes no sound
And this one you put aside
No longer wants to hide
I cant tell what I did wrong

I want to hear your voice
Calling out my name
With your words I’m paralysed
I need to hear them all the same

I broke no hearts
Yet I’m punished here forever
I wait, enraged
We need to be together
It's in the dream that has no sound
As I lay still beneath the ground

I’ve lived inside this cage
As I lived upon the earth
It's hard for me to see
Which world has been the worst?

In time I see
That there is no point in changing
You don't want me
Too late for rearranging
This dream I dreamed that has no sound
As I lay still beneath the ground

And the bell takes its toll
And the field felt so cold
As I prayed my life away
I begged for the lights of change
But you never took my hand
As I wait for this world to end
Is this my final resting place?
Such a tragic waste of this holy innocent
Track Name: Technicolour Afterlife
I played the part so well
Through every corner of hell
Every night I'm asking for sleep
Empty dreams and endless repeats

As I sing this hollow melody
I'm missing the first of me
Chest as tight as a wire
Reminiscence turns into fire

Let me go, there are many things I must see and do
A world of opportunity is there for you
A life of your creation now comes to an end
The last, lamented goodbye from a friend

Let me go, there are many things I must see and do
A world of opportunity is there for you
To alter your reality
A belief you suspend
The time has come to finally transcend

Dig deep enough, heal the wounds
No silver pendant can change this tune,
Like a mother consoling her child
With a face that no longer smiles

Was all of this just the foundation
Of a life so suddenly taken?
As silence takes it's place
Worlds apart we collide in space

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